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The Women's MMA Program

Join the "Danzig Women's MMA Team" and train with us!

We have students from the age of 15 - 50 yrs, some are just beginning their Martial Arts Journey while others have fought and competed before. They are happy to help you learn. Teach once, learn twice. Everyone is very supportive of each other. The class is designed for everyone. You'll see, it is not as intimidating as is seems. Along the way, you will gain confidence and make new friends, while getting in shape and having lots of fun doing it.

But please, don't mistake it for a cardio class!

What you learn will work in a real fight.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 PM

Mondays MMA Class

A combination of striking, grappling and wrestling.

There will be live drilling, light sparring and conditioning.


Wednesdays Grappling Class

A technical class to learn takedowns, submissions and escapes.


Fridays Striking Class

Techniques from Boxing, Muay Thai, and Dutch Kickboxing.

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