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Boxing training


We teach two respective striking disciplines in our striking classes: Boxing and Muay-Thai Kickboxing.

Both are taught from a fully functional combative perspective, so every technique and movement that is taught will be applicable in a sport Mixed Martial Arts scenario, as well as a self-defense scenario.

We have all the experience and teaching ability, as well as all of the physical equipment our students need to become fully proficient in the striking arts.



Western Boxing is the science of hitting without getting hit.   Emphasis is placed on footwork, head movement, speed, power and efficiency.

Most classes consist of footwork drills and proper punching technique as a warmup, then progress to partner drills on punch-mitts, heavy bag drills, and during certain classes, optional sparring will be available.

Students will learn proper punching technique, power, movement and the ability to evade punches with many different defensive techniques.

Boxing at Danzig MMA
Muay Thai


Thai-style Kickboxing consists of striking techniques using punches, knees, elbows and kicks.

Classes often include heavy bag work, partner drills with kick-shields or Thai pads, shadow boxing and realistic partner drills that include offense, defense and counters.

Over time, students will be able to not only punch, knee, elbow and kick properly, but with a large degree of precision, speed, power and efficiency.  Along the way, they will learn how to properly hold pads for one another, coach and teach everything they've learned.

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