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The Intro Program

The Intro Program meets twice a week.

(4 sessions total, if you are interested in both,

striking and grappling)



Grappling - Monday & Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Striking - Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30pm

These beginner classes cover all the foundational techniques and concepts you’ll need to know in order to partner up with other students in the group classes.  You will be taught how the classes work, the warm-ups and why we do them, as well as all of the positions, stances, fundamental movements, basic defense, offense and terminology.  
After each class, you will also have the opportunity to stick around and watch some of the other class(es) we are running and see how they work.


*Graduation from the intro program is at the coach(es) discretion.  Everyone is different regarding learning. Some people may need to take the intro classes for a long time before being ready to join regular classes.  Some people may be ready much sooner.  It all depends on you, your attendance and your commitment level.*

After you graduate the Intro Program you will have the option to join the more advanced classes and attend as many classes as you’d like.

The price for the course is $159 for a single art (Striking or Grappling) or $189 for both arts (Unlimited)

For a complete beginner, it can be overwhelming to remember all the information taught in these classes. We highly recommend you start with one of the arts and add another martial arts discipline, maybe a month later. But thats just a recommendation, we all learn at different speed and of course, you can sign up for both.

**The Intro Program is a requirement if you have little or no experience

in the arts we teach**

*Intro Program registration is non-transferable and non-refundable*

A little more about us:

What we are:

We are a facility offering Group classes and private lessons with the highest level of technical instruction in the arts of Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

90% of the skills we teach in group classes require partnering with another student.


Who we cater to:

The ideal student for us is the serious, highly committed hobbyist who values our technical expertise, competition experience and attention to detail.

If you want to learn the real stuff, and have fun doing it with a student body full of positive, enthusiastic people, you've come to the right place.

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